Book Of Garde Manger

Book Of Garde Manger
we use this book for cold kitchen

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Art Craft


Hapilly Ever After

Food on Carved

Two carrot birds on pineapple

Watermelon Tatoo??


Humangga Dangga!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The works of food arts

wow..its been a while..

my previous post its about

what i like to achive this sem

and now i wanna share with all of you

bout the food arts
its an amazing work

it takes a long time to finish

but its all worth it

see all these work of arts
its great,awsome,superb,mega,astonishing

isnt it

its not an easy work

sometimes it looks imposible

but still

they can do it
its a gift from god..

so dont let ur self forgeting god..

now just let ur self in these
n just look at these nice pic

from time to time i'll update
these photo k....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I would like to achieve this semester

Today is my second week of my 2nd’s still new to me..even though I’ve been here for my 1st semester.. but I’m glad to be here..I always wish that I’m already a senior..last semester was a tough one for me..but thanks to ALLAH with his will, I pass the sem with my best effort and gain a quite good result for me..

As the topic written, what I would like to achieve this sem..Hmmm..I didn’t decide it yet..but I will soon

Before that I would to introduce myself first..

My name is Muhammad naqiuddin bin Muhammad badri

My friends call me akim

I’m 18 years old goin to 19(this Nov)

I was born on 8th November 1990

In Johor bahru

I live at Segambut in KL with my family.

Now I’m studying at UiTM Dungun,Terengganu.

im doin Diploma in Culinary Arts

WOW isn't it

yup it has been my long dream to a great CHEF


Now that’s a little bit about myself..

Back to the question..

what I would like to achieve this sem everyone else of course they want the best for their result..

same goes to me..

like last sem my pointer is 3 sumthin but this sem I wanna do better

maybe 3.5 so I can be in the Dean List not “Dok Luluh” huhu

but it all depends on my effort

the more my effort is the more I gain isn’t it

like people said “NO PAIN NO GAIN”

it’s a good thing to guide me to achieve my target